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Kathy with her Terry Valkyrie Tour bike.
Kathy with her bike Destiny


“What is Dystonia?” “I’ve never heard of it.” “How do you spell that?” These are the responses I hear when I tell people I have cervical dystonia. I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia in 1979 and after a year went into remission. I had completely forgotten about it until twenty-four years later. In 2003, my dystonia came back with a vengeance and I was devastated. After two years of trying different medications with no relief, I started on Botox injections and responded well. Five years later, still on Botox, I am able to live a normal life and am thankful for the second chance I have been given. 

During my twenty-four year remission, I accomplished a great deal as a Navy wife and a mother. I was also able to get involved in my passion, cycling. Over the last sixteen years, I have had the opportunity to cycle all over the United States. 

My most memorable trip was in the summer of 2000, when I cycled across America from California to Virginia. I had the privilege to meet many wonderful people and see our beautiful country. Along the way, people would ask  if I was riding for a cause. At the time I wasn’t, but now with a new bike and a new mission I am ready to embark on another cross-country trip from Seattle to New York City. This time I will be riding for dystonia awareness.  

Cycle for Dystonia will kick off from Seattle July 10, 2010 and end in New York City September 24, 2010. My route will take me across the northern part of the United States. Along the way, I will be handing out information on dystonia to people I meet. My goal is to educate the public about dystonia and give hope to all those suffering with dystonia. I believe one person with a passion for a cause can make a difference in this world. My passion is Cycle for Dystonia, my cause dystonia awareness.


Kathy Krull