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Farewell Erie Canal

Colorful leaves decorate a path along the Erie Canalway Trail.

September 20, 2010    

Today is my last day cycling along the Erie Canalway Trail. It has been an amazing, enlightening experience. I leave Canajoharie on a trail across from a large Beechnut packing plant. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Whoo-hoo! Up ahead I see Peter Cottontail hop across the narrow path. I hear a train whistle as I head into the little town of Sprakers.  

The path widens as I continue east. I have several layers of transportation shadowing me along the path. On my far left I have train tracks, the Erie Barge Canal and New York State Thruway and on my right SR 5S. Houses along the path lead me to the small town of Randal. Toward the end of the trail I meet two black cats and their calico friend. They all welcome me to the neighborhood with rollovers and meows.

I arrive in Amsterdam then jump on SR 5S and ride eleven miles to the Scotia bike path. Along the way, I pass by an industrial area and dusty stone quarries. Some sections of the path take me by the Erie Barge Canal. I start to see more people cycling, running and walking. When I come across two men with their four dogs, I cautiously pass them. Signs scattered along the trail point out the different kinds of flora present. An elderly cyclist passes me and rings his bicycle bell.

Soon I enter the city of Schenectady and start riding on the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail. The path is newly paved and a joy to ride on. Riding through a park, I see a magnificent maple tree decorated with orange-red leaves. I cycle through a canopy of trees and climb up a wicked hill. When I arrive at the top, I am on a bluff overlooking the Erie Barge Canal.

It is lunchtime and crowds of people are walking along the path. Many are from the nearby G.E. Global Research Plant. When I enter the town of Niskayuna, I pass a man on rollerblades pushing himself along with poles. He looks like an asphalt cross-country skier. The path winds through woods and by the town of Colonie, New York. It then turns south and enters the town of Cohoes.

I am once again riding on the road and paralleling the Hudson River. After the town of Watervliet, I jump back on the path one final time. The final stretch runs along the Hudson River and ends in the Empire State Plaza. Farewell Erie Canal.  

God Bless,


James 1:5

The Erie Barge Canal near Schenectady, new York.

The Erie Barge Canal near Schenectady, New York.

A bluff view of the Erie Barge Canal.

A bluff view of the Erie Barge Canal.