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On to Lockport, New York

A boat sitting along the Niagara River.

September 13, 2010

I leave Buffalo, New York and head out into an overcast fifty-degree morning. I’m in North Tonawanda and riding on a bike path along a branch of the Niagara River. Boats tied to docks sit along the water in front of businesses and houses. When I enter the city of Tonawanda the bike path ends and I’m forced to cycle along Creekside Drive. The neighborhood I ride through is still waking up to a new day. I spot a woman in her bathrobe walking out to her mailbox for the morning paper.

A gaggle of geese stops traffic as they waddle across the road. While I wait for them, I experience a wide smile moment. A bit up the road, I pass by a garden full of sunflowers. They remind me of the smiling sunflowers I saw in South Dakota. I cycle by houses decorated with hardy mums, pumpkins and corn husks.

My route takes me along Tonawanda Creek Road and into the small town of Pendleton. I pass by houses, churches and a farm selling colorful fruits and vegetables. I turn east onto Bear Ridge Road and start riding by the Erie Canal. Trees readying for their fall exhibition display leaves of red, yellow and orange. I finally arrive in Lockport, New York our destination for the day. Join me tomorrow when I start cycling along the Erie Canal.

God Bless,


Luke 1:37


  1. Comment by Jana:

    I was touched to run across your dystonia website. You would have cycled past our Real Estate office at Bull River Junction, near Noxon, Montana, about mid July. (Intersection of Highways 200 and 56) I may have even watched you cycle by, this is a popular cycling route.
    My dad suffered with cervical dystonia for 30 years. Botox didn’t help, neither did cranial/cervical surgery to sever muscles. His only relief was to lay on his right side, so he spent the majority of those years in bed.
    What I wanted to tell you, however, is that a wonderful woman at the nursing home Dad lived at the year before he passed away in 2009, saw his misery and knew right away a Lydocaine patch could bring him relief. Sure enough, for the first time in all those years, he got a break from the agony. Those last two years of his life, wheel chair bound, were in some ways better than the 30 previous years. He smiled and laughed and engaged and had a certain quality of life that had been robbed by the constant pain.
    Just thought you’d like to know, maybe others could find relief with the patch, if noting else works.
    God Bless your efforts for this cause, Jana

  2. Comment by Kathy:


    So sorry to hear about your father’s struggle with cervical dystonia. I’m happy to hear that his last years were better with the Lydocaine patch. On July 18, 2010, I cycled by Bull River Junction on my way to Noxon. We camped in Cabinet Gorge RV Park in Noxon that night. You live in a beautiful area. Thanks for contacting me.

    God Bless,