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South to Rhinebeck


The distant Catskill Mountains.

September 21, 2010

It is another gorgeous day as I start out on US 9/20 south. I’m riding on a busy four-lane highway in heavy traffic. After seven miles of the rat race, US 20 veers off and heads east. I continue on US 9 by houses and businesses. The road is hilly and wanders out into the boonies every few miles.

Produce stands full of fruits and vegetables are plentiful along the road. The fields and woods are painted in hues of yellow, red and orange. A big red apple shaped balloon floats high above a produce stand selling apples. I discover the town of Kinderhook and cycle around a rotary onto highway 9H. 

The Martin Van Buren National Historic Site looks out of place along the crowded stretch of road. A country club and an apple orchard add to the hodgepodge of businesses. In the distance, I see the Catskill Mountains stretching to the sky. Horses standing in a nearby field look-up as I pass by.

North of the town of Livingston, the road once again joins US 9. Bales of hay fill the fields nearby. I enter the village of Red Hook and see a sign for their “Hardscrabble Days” festival. I arrive in Rhinebeck and we drive to the Interlake RV Park. When we check in, we meet Linda who inquires about our trip and offers her congratulations. Thanks Linda!

God Bless,


John 3:16  

A decorative barn in Rhinebeck, New York.

A decorative barn in Rhinebeck, New York


  1. Comment by Patricia J:

    Been there many times…love upstate NY especially in the fall! still enjoy your blog and pics, keep em coming and I hope when you hit NYC theres a steak dinner waiting for you. 🙂

  2. Comment by Kathy:

    Thanks Patricia !!